Go For a Walk in Harpswell

There are numerous varied and interesting places to walk, picnic, play, and enjoy the scenery in Harpswell. You can learn about conserved land with public access by poking around our clickable map or browsing the list below. For more information, including directions, click on the title of the property.

You can also download our guide to exploring the outdoors in Harpswell by clicking here.

Harpswell Neck

Curtis Farm Preserve

Hackett Land Preserve and Minot Easement

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Mitchell Field

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Pott’s Point Preserve

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Skolfield Shores Preserve

Read Ed Robinson’s Article: Follow the Tracks to Skolfield Shores

Stover’s Point Preserve

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Wilson’s Cove Trail on Charles Norton Easement

Widgeon Cove Trail on Dunning Farm Easement

Great Island

Cliff Trail

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Long Reach Preserve

Orr’s and Bailey Islands

Bowdoin College Coastal Studies Center

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Devil’s Back Trail

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Giant’s Stairs and McIntosh Lot Preserve

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Houghton Graves Park

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Johnson Field Preserve at Mackerel Cove

Read Ed Robinson’s Article: Bailey Island’s Mackerel Cove: A Community Landmark

Accessible Only By Boat

Crow Island Preserve

Read Ed Robinson’s Article: Middle Bay’s Crow Island Preserve a Quiet Oasis

Doughty Point Preserve

Eagle Island

State-Owned and Federal-Owned Islands

Town-Owned Islands

Upper Goose Island

Whaleboat Island