Community Room

Harpswell Heritage Land Trust provides use of its community meeting room at 153 Harpswell Neck Road at no charge to nonprofit organizations and community groups. It is available for rent to individuals and businesses.

Free Use of the Community Room

HHLT’s Community Room is available for use on a first come, first served basis, with no charge, to:

  • Nonprofit organizations and community groups.
  • Meetings and programs sponsored by the Town of Harpswell.
  • Remembrances or memorial gatherings.
  • Harpswell political organizations may use the room for organization meetings and general events such as candidate forums and caucuses. Harpswell’s representatives and senators to the Maine Legislature and the U.S. Congress may use the room for non-campaign meetings with constituents and others. Political organizations and candidates for office may not use the room for fundraisers, rallies, etc. during campaigns for office.

Contributions toward the costs of heating and maintaining the room are welcome but not required.

To reserve the room, email us at or call our office at 207-721-1121 and ask for Katie Neal.

Rental of the Community Room

The Community Room is also available for commercial or private use on a first-come, first-served basis. Those wishing to use the room are asked to fill out an application, agree to the rules for use (below) and pay a fee and security deposit. If approval for the proposed use is not granted, the fee and security deposit will be returned.

A certificate of liability insurance naming HHLT as an insured is required for commercial use and is due two weeks before the event occurs. Such certificate may be required for private use at the discretion of HHLT.

To reserve the room, please download an application and return it to Katie Neal at


The fee for a private party is $60 for a half day or less and $100 for a full day. The fee for use by a commercial entity is $125 for a half day and $220 for a full day. The fee for art shows is 10 percent of total sales at the show. Current members of HHLT are entitled to a 20 percent discount on the fee. The member must attend the event and is responsible for seeing that the building and grounds are left clean and in good condition.

Rules for Use

  1. No smoking in the building or on the grounds.
  2. The use of alcoholic beverages requires written permission from HHLT. If alcohol is permitted, a certificate of liability insurance naming HHLT as an insured party is required.
  3. A certificate of liability insurance may be required in other circumstances at the discretion of HHLT.
  4. No candles or other open flames are permitted in the building or on the grounds.
  5. The exits must be kept clear for emergency use. The barn doors must be opened from the outside so that the outward opening entrance doors may be used in case of emergency.
  6. Do not use nails, tacks, tape, or other fasteners or hangers on the walls. Pictures, maps, etc. may be hung from the picture rails in the meeting room. Hanging rods are available in the Community Room storage closet.
  7. The thermostat may be adjusted to warm the room but should be returned to 55 degrees upon leaving.
  8. Security of the building must be maintained. Doors and windows must be closed and locked before leaving and lights turned off. The motion detector lights will remain on 10 minutes after being activated by people leaving.
  9. Kitchen facilities may be used. No food is to be left on the counters or in the refrigerator. All perishables brought in must be taken away upon leaving.
  10. The meeting room, entry, bathroom and kitchen must be left clean and tidy. A vacuum cleaner, broom, etc. are available in the utility room. Cleaning supplies are located under the kitchen sink. All trash must be taken away upon leaving.
  11. Please return chairs, tables, and other equipment to the places where you found them.
  12. If the event is not sponsored or co-sponsored by HHLT, any advertisements and signs must indicate the sponsor.