Contribute to a Restricted Fund

The Land Trust has three dedicated funds: Special Places, Stewardship, and Community Gardens.

Special Places Fund
The Special Places Fund is our general capital fund. It is used to pay the direct costs, such as surveying and legal fees, of acquiring new preserves and easements. It is also the repository for any funds raised during a capital campaign and finances the initial costs of a major acquisition, such as a down payment, pending the success of the capital campaign. Contributions to this fund are especially welcome as they allow HHLT to build up its capacity to meet urgent deadlines when a special place is threatened by development.

Stewardship Fund
The Stewardship Fund is used to pay the direct costs of managing the Land Trust’s preserves and monitoring and enforcing the Land Trust’s easements. Generally, HHLT tries to use only the income from the Stewardship Fund for its annual management and monitoring costs; but the entire principal is available to defend and enforce HHLT’s easements. Whenever the Land Trust accepts a preserve or an easement, the donors are requested to make a contribution to the Stewardship Fund sufficient to cover the long term costs of managing that preserve or monitoring and enforcing that easement.

Community Gardens Fund
The Community Gardens Fund is used to pay the direct costs of establishing and supporting whatever community gardens are created under the Community Gardens Program. While the Land Trust is not restricted from spending the principal, it plans to utilize just the income generated by the Community Gardens Fund in order to sustain the program for the long term.

If you would like to donate to any of these funds, please fill out the online form below.