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Dragonfly Walk

Photo by Sharon Oehmig

Saturday, June 25 from 10 a.m.-12 p.m. at Otter Brook Preserve (rain date: June 26, same time). This event is capped at 15 participants. Advance registration is required. Click here to register.

Participants will learn the general characteristics of the Odonates (dragonflies and damselflies) and learn how to distinguish the dragonfly from the damselfly. We will capture as many as we can and learn to hold them without damaging their fragile wings. We’ll talk about their mating behaviors, and we’ll look for larvae in the river or pond mud. Bring butterfly nets if you have them. We will have some to borrow. This is a great program for all ages. We’ll let kids with their faster reflexes wield the nets!

David Reed is a naturalist and photographer, microbiologist, and retired university professor. His interest in entomology stems from his childhood when a teacher at the University of Maine, Orono got him started on an insect collection. He identifies and catalogs the dragonflies, damselflies, and other insects in Harpswell and surrounding areas and mentors biology students at Mt. Ararat. He also conducts dragonfly excursions and moth nights.

Photo by David Reed