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Tide Pool Exploration

Sunday, July 17 from 8-9:30 a.m. at Potts Point Preserve. Advance registration is required.

Tide pools are amazingly diverse and interesting habitats to explore. Covered at high tide and exposed at low tide, animals that live there have to deal with changes in temperature, moisture, and predators. Do you wonder what animals live in these ever-changing places and how they survive? Come explore the extensive tide pools at Harpswell Heritage Land Trust’s Potts Point Preserve with Julia McLeod. We will hunt for and attempt to identify the interesting plants and animals that live between the tides.

This event is designed for all ages. We will be crossing uneven, rocky terrain. Please bring sturdy shoes that can get wet (water shoes are better than rubber boots).

Park by the side of the road at the very end of Harpswell Neck Road (Rt 123). We will walk around half a mile along private Potts Point Road to the preserve. If you arrive late, park and walk along Potts Point Road to the very end, then follow a short trail to the preserve.

(Erika McKenney photo)

Julia McLeod is Harpswell Heritage Land Trust’s Acting Executive Director. She brings with her decades of experience working with young people outdoors, and she especially loves exploring the ocean shoreline.