Programs for Adults

Our first Short Course on Harpswell’s Coastal Habitats

Harpswell Heritage Land Trust offers a variety of programs for adults.  Click on the links below for more information.

Calendar of Events and Programs

Annual Meeting: Every summer, Harpswell Heritage Land Trust organizes its Annual Meeting with an interesting speaker, delicious snacks and good company.

Birding Extravaganza:  An annual series of birding outings sponsored by Merrymeeting Audubon, Kennebec Estuary Land Trust, Harpswell Heritage Land Trust, and Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust.  Click here for a schedule for 2017.

Harpswell Day: A Celebration of Traditional Handcrafts and Subsistence Skills:  Join Harpswell Historical Society and Harpswell Heritage Land Trust for a celebration of traditional handcrafts and subsistence skills. This event happens rain or shine each fall at the Harpswell Historical Society Museum, Centennial Hall, the Old Meeting House, the one room schoolhouse and outdoors. For all ages, there will be much to see, do and learn about during this free event celebrating Harpswell’s history. Click here for more details about Harpswell Day in 2017. Click here for photos of Harpswell Day in 2016.

Harpswell Hiking Challenge:  Experience eight wonderful coastal walks in Harpswell with the challenge of completing all trails in two days!  This event is organized by the Harpswell Recreation Department the weekend of National Trails Day each year (usually the first weekend on June), but there is no reason you can’t take our challenge any time of the year!  Click here for information about the 2017 Harpswell Hiking Challenge, which took place June 3-4, 2017.

Humans on the Land series:  From March to August 2017 we welcomed the public to learn about how humans interact with and change the land, and how the land changes them.  This program series delved into the interesting history of Harpswell, from Native Americans to farmers to vacationers.

Short Courses about Harpswell’s Nature and History:  Short courses provide in-depth learning opportunities for adults.

Sunset Cruise:  Join us on the water to take in Harpswell’s breathtaking shoreline.

Our Changing Ocean Series:  In an ocean-oriented town like Harpswell, people and the ocean are inextricably linked. Our community’s past, present, and future relate intimately to the sea, and these days big changes are happening in the ocean. Seawater is getting warmer and more acidic, sea level is rising rapidly, lobster catches are booming but young lobsters have been scarce, clams seem to be disappearing, invasive species like green crabs are more abundant, and southern fish stocks are moving north, to name just a few of the changes. Starting in the fall of 2017, Harpswell Heritage Land Trust is sponsoring Our Changing Ocean, a series of public events exploring these fascinating and important changes. What changes have been observed already in Casco Bay and the Gulf of Maine? What is causing these changes? What changes are expected in the near future? How do the changes affect our local ecosystem, fishermen, and economy? What can we do to reduce or adapt to the changes successfully in Harpswell?

Our first Harpswell Day: A Celebration of Traditional Handcrafts and Subsistence Skills