Short Courses about Harpswell’s Nature and History

Harpswell Heritage Land Trust’s Short Courses offer in-depth learning opportunities for adults.

In 2019, HHLT is offering a Short Course on Island History. Click here for details.

In 2018, HHLT offered a Short Course on Harpswell’s Habitats and Fisheries with a spring and fall session. Click on the links below for details.

Spring Session

Fall Session

In 2017, HHLT offered three short courses.  Click on the links below for details.

Short Course on Harpswell’s Coastal Habitats

Short Course on the Ecology of Place

Short Course on Harpswell’s Islands

Click here for an article describing our first Short Course on Harpswell’s Coastal Habitats in 2016.

Participants love short courses.  They have said:

“This was a fantastic opportunity to get out and see what Harpswell is really all about. Harpswell offers a wonderfully diverse environment both on land and sea and we were given the tools to be better observers. I appreciate my surroundings on a much deeper level now…You have us totally hooked on anything you can offer.”

“Please do more courses…This was a fabulous first run and I am sure there are many other people who would like to take such a class. Thanks so much for making this happen.”

“It was outstanding! So many people we’ve spoken to about it want to sign up next time!”

“I just loved the course. There is very little I can suggest to improve it, other than to say that I could take a course like this all year ’round, pretty much forever. I would be happy with even more classroom time in prep for the field work, and I’d be even happier with more field work. Who could dislike more poking around in the tide pools, more time to look at cool creatures under a microscope, more time to evaluate the history of our landscape, more time to look at islands and talk about archeology from a boat? I could do this kind of thing forever.”