Programs for Kids and Families

Nature Day Camp (Curt Chipman photo)

Harpswell Heritage Land Trust offers a variety of programs for kids and families.  Click on the links below for more information.

Calendar of Events and Programs

Harpswell Family Outings:  Fun, free, outdoor activities for families

Harpswell Hiking Challenge:  Experience eight wonderful coastal walks in Harpswell with the challenge of completing all trails in two days! This event is organized by the Harpswell Recreation Department the weekend of National Trails Day each year (usually the first weekend on June), but there is no reason you can’t take our challenge any time of the year! Click here for information about the 2017 Harpswell Hiking Challenge, which takes place June 3-4, 2017.

Nature Day Camp:  Our preschool and elementary camps combine fun, creativity, scientific inquiry and hands-on exploration to create a memorable learning experience in Harpswell’s coastal habitats.

Environmental Education in Local Schools:  Harpswell Heritage Land Trust provides free, place-based, hands-on science programming for our local schools.