A Family Says Thank You For Harpswell’s Trails

2015-Curtis-Farm-Preserve-CWhile Cathy and Tom Nicholson were closing on their Harpswell home in 2010, their grandkids were already exploring Harpswell’s trails.

“We are from the Boston area and wanted to discover and explore the beauty of our new environs in Maine.  What better way to do that than to take our grandkids hiking! They love the adventure of it.  And hiking has always enhanced the quality of our lives,” says Cathy.

Her grandsons, Rex and Sam, from landlocked Ohio, like to walk along the ocean with their younger cousins, Whit and Sayles.  Eight-year old Whit loves leading the group and hiding with his dad behind The Pebble, a huge rock at Curtis Farm, to scare his mom and younger sister Sayles.  Sayles takes charge of guiding their dog Hadley along the trails.

“It is so cool to see if I can skip stones farther than my Dad at the beach at Stover’s Point Preserve, though he usually wins,” Whit says.

Cathy’s daughter Betsy says, “In all seasons these kids love to explore.  We so appreciate the hard work that goes into maintaining Harpswell’s trails.”  And as Whit says, “Even when you can’t go boating, you can still hike to the ocean.”

The whole family says, “Thank you for creating opportunities for so much family fun, HHLT!”