Harpswell Community Nature Journaling Initiative 2018

Observe, connect, get inspired

A nature journal can be a place to jot down frequent observations and compare changes in timing from year to year

Harpswell Heritage Land Trust launched a community nature journaling initiative in 2018. The goal of this project is to encourage people of all ages to go outside and be nature observers. We hope that with a little bit of inspiration, knowledge and encouragement, community members will enjoy observing, learning about and documenting nature.

We hope that, through sharing observations and knowledge, we will build community, learn from each other and make connections to our natural surroundings as well as to each other. As Harpswell’s local land trust, we want to encourage year-round residents and seasonal visitors to develop a sense of connection to place and an appreciation of their natural surroundings. We can learn a lot more about our wild companions when we regularly take a few minutes to look and listen and witness seasonal rhythms and changes from year to year. This can be easily done in your own backyard!

Nat Wheelwright

We encourage observers of all ages to observe nature with us. Keeping a nature journal is a great activity for adults and kids. The Community Nature Journaling Initiative includes the following free opportunities. You are welcome to get involved in one aspect of the project, all aspects, or anything in between.

  • We have a Facebook group to provide inspiration and guidance, including what to look for in different seasons, and to share observations and photos.
  • We send out the same guidance and inspiration via email. Click here to sign up for emails.
  • We organize events to help you learn about nature in Harpswell. Click here for our events calendar. The best way to stay up to date on our events is to sign up for our email newsletters. Click here to sign up.