Invasive Plant Fact Sheets and Resources

Invasive Plant Fact Sheets

The Harpswell Invasive Plant Partnership has decided to focus on plants deemed invasive by the Maine Natural Areas Program. For some of these plants, the group has created fact sheets to aid in identification and control. You are welcome to download the fact sheets by clicking on the links below.

Asiatic Bittersweet

Black Swallow-wort


Bull Thistle

Burning Bush

Canada Thistle

Common Reed

Cypress Spurge

Garlic Mustard

Honeysuckles (shrub)

Ornamental Jewelweed

Japanese Barberry

Japanese Knotweed

Multiflora Rose

Norway Maple

Purple Loosestrife

Russian and Autumn Olive

Spotted Knapweed

Yellow Iris

Other Resources

There are many good resources on identifying and controlling invasive plants, as well as on planting natives in their place. Here are some of our favorite websites on invasive plants:

Maine Natural Areas Program Invasive Plants Photo Gallery

Michigan State University’s Best Control Practice Guide to Invasive Plants

For lists of native Maine plants to consider for your property, check out: