It’s hunting season, don’t forget your blaze orange

Harpswell Heritage Land Trust is dedicated to providing public access to its preserves for many uses, including hunting.  If you like to get outdoors in November, we urge you to wear blaze orange.

In 2017, firearms season for deer runs from Oct. 30 to Nov. 25.  Muzzleloader season extends to Dec. 9 in Harpswell.  Maine Law prohibits hunting on Sundays.  The only types of guns that can be used in Harpswell are shotguns, rimfire arms and black powder guns.  Bullets from these types of guns do not travel as far as rifle bullets.

Hunting is allowed at the following mainland Harpswell preserves and trails:

Hunting is also allowed on these Harpswell island preserves:

Hunting is not allowed in Harpswell at:

No matter where you go during hunting season, we encourage you to be safe and wear blaze orange.  Don’t forget to put orange on your dogs, too.