Please do your part to keep the trails safe for everyone

Harpswell trails and preserves are open!

Ed Robinson enjoying Harpswell Heritage Land Trust’s Long Reach Preserve.

1. Practice social distancing

Follow CDC social distancing guidelines. Stay six feet apart from others and do not gather in groups. Step off the trail to let others pass.

2. Park in designated areas only

If the parking lot is full, visit a different trail. Click here to find alternative trails nearby.

3. Stay close to home

Consider walking on lesser known trails, in the woods near your house and on neighborhood roads to limit your exposure to other people.

4. Control your dogs

During this time of increased use, please leash your dog on weekends and whenever trails are crowded. Please clean up all dog waste. Dogs are not allowed at Skolfield Shores Preserve and must be leashed at all times on several other trails. Click here for details on dog rules.

5. Watch out for ticks

It’s tick season. Check yourself every day for ticks! Click here to read more about ticks and how to protect yourself.

Click here for information about trails and preserves in Harpswell.

Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns. Enjoy your time on the trails!

Harpswell Heritage Land Trust

Harpswell Recreation Department