What is HIPP Doing?

This map shows the sites that HIPP is currently focusing on. Click on the map to see a bigger version.

Our aim is to create a broad awareness in Harpswell about invasive plants and the problems they create, and to provide information to help residents eradicate or contain them. As a start, in 2015, HIPP volunteers surveyed three HHLT preserves and three town properties: Johnson Field Preserve, the Mackerel Cove Lot, McIntosh Lot Preserve, Giant’s Stairs, Houghton Graves Park, and Mitchell Field. In addition, HIPP surveyed the rights-of-way of 28 miles of Harpswell’s major roads. Our findings were loaded into the iMap Invasives database maintained by the Maine Natural Areas Program.

Using this data, HIPP began a program of invasive removals and site monitoring. We are developing plans for work on other public-access sites. We offer education and training programs for Harpswell residents who want to learn how to identify and remove invasive plants on their own properties, or help our work on HHLT and Town properties.

At this point HIPP is focusing on around 20 invasive plants found in Harpswell in our initial survey or subsequently. We realize there are other invasive species here too. For a list of the invasive plants we found in our survey, click here.

Removing invasive plants along the Giant’s Stairs Trail (Priscilla Seimer photo)