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Malaga Island Presentation with Kate McBrien

Join the Harpswell Heritage Land trust for an important presentation with Kate McBrien on one of the more challenging topics in the history of our region. In 1912, the State of Maine evicted a community of African American and white residents from their homes on Malaga Island. Racism, economic struggles, and eugenics all led to the devastation of this community. The program will explore the history behind this story that was hidden for so many years.

Kate McBrien serves as the Maine State Archivist, overseeing the archival preservation and management of state records at the Maine State Archives in Augusta. Before this role, Kate worked at the Maine Historical Society and Maine State Museum in their curatorial and public engagement departments. At the State Museum, she researched and curated the award-winning exhibit Malaga Island, Fragmented Lives about the Malaga Island community.