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Profile: Sam Alexander

Profile: Sam Alexander

Tim McCreight
March 9, 2022

Sam Alexander, Sr. knows Harpswell pretty well, which is not surprising since he’s spent most of his three score and ten years here (so far). His ancestor, William Alexander, was one of the first persons of European descent to live here, moving from Topsham after his father was killed in a raid by Native Americans… Read more

See below for video recordings of past webinars in our 2021 “Stories of Change” series. Rockweed Research from the Bottom up with Hannah Webber Click here to watch a webinar recording from October 26, 2021. Rockweed, Ascophyllum nodosum, covers much of the rocky intertidal in Maine; it is ecologically and economically important. This talk will focus… Read more

Patty and Allan Graves: A gift from the generations before to the generations to come

One in a series of profiles of people who played a key role in the first 35 years of the Harpswell Heritage Land Trust. By Doug Warren Sitting around a table in the family home just up the hill from Houghton Graves Park on Orr’s Island, Allan and Patty Graves want to make one thing… Read more