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Annual Meeting 2022

Harpswell Heritage Land Trust held its Annual Meeting of the membership on July 12. We elected new trustees and officers and recognized the impact and accomplishments of long-time Executive Director Reed Coles. “It’s hard to adequately thank Reed for all he’s done for the land trust over the past 16 years,” said HHLT President Wendy… Read more

Recreational Fishing in Harpswell

Son-in-law Pete chuckled with delight as he pulled up his fishing line which had a life of its own with several squirming mackerel attached to it. His line was rigged with a collection of 7 small flies in what is known as a Sabiki rig. If you position yourself on a local dock with a… Read more

An Update on Harpswell Herons

As some of you might know, in 2019, Harpswell students helped biologist Danielle D’Auria capture a great blue heron on a local pond. “Harper” was equipped with a GPS transmitter and promptly flew to new adventures. She relocated to New Brunswick, Canada, then migrated to Guajaca Uno, Cuba for the winter. Harper has since been… Read more

Container Gardens for the Community

Gardening provides delicious food, exercise, and stress relief, but it’s not always an option. Many seniors are no longer capable of growing large gardens, and transportation may be a barrier to getting to a community plot. Harpswell Aging at Home, Harpswell Heritage Land Trust, and Harpswell Coastal Academy are teaming up for a second year… Read more

Photo project: This week in Harpswell

Photo project: This week in Harpswell

Harpswell Heritage Land Trust
January 10, 2022

Have you enjoyed Harpswell’s scenic wonders? Yes! Have you ever been inspired to reach for a camera or phone to capture a moment of Harpswell beauty — a sunset, a dewdrop, a smile, or the majestic arc of forest giant? Most likely. If you’re like most of us, you’re eager to share those golden moments…. Read more

Living and Working in a Waterfront Community: A Conversation Series

Several local organizations are collaborating to educate Harpswell residents about the working waterfront and open up lines of communication between fishermen and their non-fishermen neighbors. Outcomes of this fruitful collaboration include panel discussions, other events and written articles published in the Harpswell Anchor. Starting in fall 2021, the group organized its first two panel discussions…. Read more

From grandfather to granddaughter, a fishing tradition continues in Harpswell

Originally published in the Harpswell Anchor “My great-great-grandfather’s boat blew into Cundy’s Harbor in a storm and he decided to stay.” That’s Rob Watson describing how his family ended up there back in the 1850s. The Watsons have run the general store in Cundy’s Harbor since Rob’s grandfather, who worked in the saltfish business, founded… Read more

See below for video recordings of past webinars in our 2021 “Stories of Change” series. Rockweed Research from the Bottom up with Hannah Webber Click here to watch a webinar recording from October 26, 2021. Rockweed, Ascophyllum nodosum, covers much of the rocky intertidal in Maine; it is ecologically and economically important. This talk will focus… Read more