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Fred Gay: A skier, sailor, dancer and exterminator of poison ivy

Fred Gay is delightful. Not too many people deserve that moniker, but Fred does. From his engaging smile, to his Amish hat, to—and this is how I became acquainted with Fred—his immunity to poison ivy, Fred is one of a kind! Over the summer Fred offered to remove poison ivy from the McIntosh Lot Preserve… Read more

Two Coves Farm

Two Coves Farm

Ed Robinson
June 9, 2020

“I love the plants and the land, it is an organism to be fostered,” Laura Grady stated as she tried to explain her engagement with the 100 acres upon which Two Coves Farm rests. Laura continued “We listen to the land, we work with it by spreading compost and we try to determine the best… Read more

Play: Good for all of us

One of a series of articles on the topic of wellness. Click here for more. By Alicia Heyburn Have we lost something in our culture? I bet you could think of several things that have shifted in our society since you were a child, but I’m thinking of play. Good, simple, screen-free, sand-castle building, hide-and-seek, sprinkler-running,… Read more

Making Physical Activity Accessible – a Public Health Perspective

One of a series of articles on the topic of wellness. Click here for more. By Melissa Fochesato, Director of Mid Coast Center for Community Health & Wellness Although many Americans understand the importance of physical activity, a majority of us are not getting enough. Physical inactivity is now a leading cause of death worldwide. Recently,… Read more

Harpswell Nature Watchers

Harpswell Nature Watchers

Harpswell Heritage Land Trust
February 20, 2019

Harpswell Nature Watchers is a project of the Harpswell Heritage Land Trust. Its goal is to encourage people of all ages to go outside and be nature observers. We hope that by sharing our own observations with you, we may inspire curiosity to explore and more closely inspect what is going on in the natural… Read more

Junior Ranger Activity Book

Become a Harpswell Junior Ranger! This 68-page, full-color book introduces young people to 10 trails, parks and preserves in Harpswell, while exploring elements of nature that make these places special and fascinating.  Learn, explore and have fun while becoming a Harpswell Junior Ranger!  The Junior Ranger Activity Book was created by Emma Levy, who was… Read more

Harpswell Guidebook Inspires a Sense of Place

This article was published in the Harpswell Anchor, July 2018. By Kara Douglas On a windy afternoon near the end of the school year about 40 third graders have gathered on the sloping lawn at Harpswell Community School. They sit in a lopsided circle, speaking in turns as attention moves counter-clockwise around. “My favorite preserve… Read more