Get Outdoors in Harpswell

There are numerous varied and interesting places to walk, picnic, play and enjoy the scenery in Harpswell. You can learn about conserved land with public access by poking around our online map of trails and preserves or browsing the list below. For more information, including directions and visitor guidelines, click on the names and images below.

You can also download two different guides to exploring the outdoors in Harpswell.

  • The Get Outdoors in Harpswell guide includes descriptions and a map showing the location of the properties you can visit. Click here to download the 2017 guide.
  • The Harpswell Guide was created by the Harpswell Recreation Department. This 25-page guide includes trail maps and information about beaches, boat launches, historic landmarks and more. Click here to download the 2017 guide.

If you would like to download a map showing all conserved land in Harpswell, including conservation easements on private land, click here.