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Trails & Preserves that offer Walking Trails

Anna M. Tondreau Preserve

Anna M. Tondreau Preserve encompasses 57 acres on Great Island, including forest carpeted with moss and lichen, fascinating rock ledges and walls, and undeveloped shoreline. It runs along the saltmarsh and mudflats of Orr’s Cove and Mill Cove in Quahog Bay, but it also hosts multiple small streams and a wetland. This preserve features habitat… Read more

Harpswell Heritage Land Trust
Cliff Trail

The Cliff Trail is one of the most popular trails in Harpswell. It is owned and managed by the Town of Harpswell. This is a rugged trail that includes a shore walk along tidal Strawberry Creek and spectacular views from 150-foot cliffs overlooking Long Reach. The trail features an inclusive .4-mile shore walk along tidal… Read more

Town of Harpswell
Curtis Farm Preserve

Curtis Farm Preserve has much to offer visitors. The 1.25-mile trail system takes visitors through field, forest and to coastal bays, with scenic views along the way. The Preserve includes nearly 2,000 feet of shoreline on both Curtis Cove and Basin Cove, gravel beaches, a freshwater pond, forested freshwater wetlands and 15 acres of intertidal… Read more

Harpswell Heritage Land Trust
Devil’s Back Trail Area

The Devil’s Back Trail Area on Orr’s Island provides a lovely walk through woods and along rocky shoreline. The trail takes its name for the land it is on: the road runs along the “spine” of the Devil’s Back. The trail on the west side of the road has a trail system that winds through… Read more

Town of Harpswell
Giant’s Stairs Trail and McIntosh Lot Preserve

For dramatic coastal scenery in Harpswell, nothing beats the Giant’s Stairs. Named for its interesting geologic history, the Giant’s Stairs trail follows the rocky coastline with gorgeous views of eastern Casco Bay, often with crashing waves glinting in the sunlight.  On any given day you might see rafts of ducks, foraging harbor seals or a… Read more

Harpswell Heritage Land Trust & Town of Harpswell
Hackett and Minot Trails

The Hackett and Minot Trails take visitors through a verdant, mossy forest with numerous lichen and club-moss glades, as well as a vernal pool.  It’s a great place for a quiet woods walk. The vernal pool forms in a low-lying area of the forest, where water can collect in the spring and dry out in… Read more

Harpswell Heritage Land Trust
Houghton Graves Park

Located in the middle of Orr’s Island village, Houghton Graves Park provides visitors a breath of fresh air.  Mowed grassy paths lead to picnic tables, views of beautiful Beal’s Cove on Harpswell Sound and provide access to the shore.  This three-acre “pocket park” is a great place to spend a few minutes, or a few… Read more

Harpswell Heritage Land Trust
Little Ponds Preserve

The easy trail on this 22-acre Preserve is perfect for anyone looking for a peaceful walk or for listening for birds in peaceful woods. You’ll want to linger here to watch and listen for signs of wildlife that frequent the rich wetlands. The Little Ponds Preserve features portions of two ponds that make up the… Read more

Harpswell Heritage Land Trust
Long Reach Preserve

This spectacular 95-acre preserve provides one of the longest hiking trails in Harpswell.  A challenging 1.5-mile loop trail winds through several different forest types, passes a peat bog nestled between two prominent bedrock ridges, and finally descends to the shores of Long Reach. This area is a prime example of Harpswell’s folded bedrock geology.  Long… Read more

Harpswell Heritage Land Trust
Mitchell Field

For a variety of recreational offerings, Mitchell Field can’t be beat. This 120-acre former U.S. Navy fuel depot property was transferred to the Town of Harpswell in 2001 from the federal government. It boasts several miles of paved and gravel paths, a sandy beach, a bandstand that hosts outdoor concerts, and the Harpswell Community Garden…. Read more

Town of Harpswell
Otter Brook Preserve

Otter Brook Preserve runs alongside one of the largest freshwater streams in Harpswell. This freshwater marsh, stream, and pond system is a scarce resource in our coastal community. All-season trails meander through the forest and provide 1.7 miles of pleasant walking, cross country skiing and snowshoeing. Visitors here enjoy quiet woods trails and glimpses of… Read more

Harpswell Heritage Land Trust
Schiller Coastal Studies Center

Bowdoin College’s Schiller Coastal Studies Center (CSC) on Orr’s Island offers lovely coastal walking trails. A fine old farm with 2.5 miles of coastline, 3.6 miles of trails and a variety of habitats, the CSC has great views of Long Cove and Harpswell Sound and opportunities to view wildlife or just take a quiet walk… Read more

Bowdoin College
Skolfield Shores Preserve

With fields, salt marsh and more than 4,000 feet of shoreline on Middle Bay Cove, Skolfield Shores Preserve is well-suited for a pleasant walk or spotting a wide range of birds, from meadowlarks to terns. The main trail system includes the Hemlock Loop and the Merrucoonegan Loop. For a total of one mile, these loops… Read more

Harpswell Heritage Land Trust
Widgeon Cove Trail

This short loop trail is the perfect way to take in beautiful Widgeon Cove on Harpswell Sound. The path winds through woodlands, across ravines and along the shoreline where there are dramatic views of the cove. At this these scenic viewpoints, visitors can enjoy a picnic with family and friends, take pictures or just sit… Read more

Harpswell Heritage Land Trust
Wilson’s Cove Trail

This short out-and-back trail brings hikers to a dramatic cliff overlooking Wilson’s Cove. The views up and down Middle Bay and across to Birch Island are spectacular. The end of the trail provides a quiet place to sit beneath the red oaks and take in the water, land and sky. On a still day, the… Read more

Harpswell Heritage Land Trust