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Presentations by Author Ed Robinson on the Mystery of Maine’s Wildlife

Harpswell author Ed Robinson has been writing and speaking about the outdoors for years. His new presentation features superb photographs of many of Maine’s wild creatures, both the iconic and the secretive. Ed will share fascinating stories about these creatures and help us to understand more about their lives. Growing up in the Finger Lakes… Read more

Holiday Gifts support HHLT

Holiday Gifts support HHLT

Amelia Graham
November 23, 2022

Are you looking for a way to support your local land trust this holiday season? Visit our online store for gifts for all ages! Books & Guides If you haven’t tried Ed Robinson’s Nature Notes books, they are a must-read. For younger enthusiasts we also have our Junior Ranger Activity Book, with scavenger hunts and activities… Read more

Land Trust completes $2.14M ‘Forever Campaign’ for endowment, new preserve

Originally published in the Harpswell Anchor The Harpswell Heritage Land Trust has completed its “Forever Campaign,” raising $2.14 million to create an endowment and acquire a 57-acre preserve on Great Island. With support from more than 200 donors, the campaign surpassed its goal of $2.1 million before concluding around Labor Day weekend, according to HHLT… Read more

HHLT Gets a Website Makeover

HHLT Gets a Website Makeover

Tim McCreight
October 7, 2022

Though it’s been less than 30 years, few of us can remember the days before the internet. How did we figure out what time it is in London, or remember the name of the actor who played Beaver Cleaver before the early search engines? The words “technology” and “information” rarely appeared together, but now many… Read more

The Successful Completion of a Three-year Campaign!

One thing that always seems to astound people who haven’t heard of Harpswell Heritage Land Trust (HHLT) is the scope of our programs and activities. We have 17 preserves, 25 conservation easements, and 10 trails. We organize many fun and educational programs, work with every grade level in the local elementary school, run a popular… Read more

Land Trust Names McLeod Executive Director

Land Trust Names McLeod Executive Director

Harpswell Heritage Land Trust
August 19, 2022

Originally published in the Harpswell Anchor. Julia McLeod was confirmed as executive director of the Harpswell Heritage Land Trust by a unanimous vote of the organization’s Board of Trustees on Tuesday, Aug. 16. McLeod had been serving as the Land Trust’s acting executive director since February, during a transition period following the retirement of HHLT’s… Read more

Annual Meeting 2022

Harpswell Heritage Land Trust held its Annual Meeting of the membership on July 12. We elected new trustees and officers and recognized the impact and accomplishments of long-time Executive Director Reed Coles. “It’s hard to adequately thank Reed for all he’s done for the land trust over the past 16 years,” said HHLT President Wendy… Read more

The Tondreau Project

Why This Property? The large size (for Harpswell) of the Tondreau property means protecting a significant block of wildlife habitat which, when you include the property’s intertidal habitat, support at least 11 bird species the State of Maine has designated to be of “greatest conservation need,” including waterfowl, wading birds, and shorebirds. The property also… Read more

Fun and Discovery at Harpswell Community School

It’s been a great school year for outdoor learning at Harpswell Community School! Harpswell Heritage Land Trust’s Julia McLeod has brought HCS students out to the woods more than 80 times during this school year for science learning and nature-based play. Her work reached every student at our local public elementary school. Some highlights of… Read more