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When Steamboat Whistles Sounded Here: Revisiting Some Steamboat Days of Old Harpswell with John Goff

On Thursday, August 10, 2023, John Goff gave a presentation on the history of steamboats in Harpswell. To view the presentation, recorded by Harpswell Television, click here. The early 19th Century saw the commercial spread of steam engines and steamboats for transportation of both goods and travelers.  By the 1840s technological improvements such as the… Read more

Annual Meeting 2023

Annual Meeting 2023

Harpswell Heritage Land Trust
July 26, 2023

Harpswell Heritage Land Trust held its Annual Meeting of the membership on July 18. We elected new trustees and officers and thanked long-time trustee Lynn Knight for all her work on the board, including her time as Board President. Land Trust members elected Judy Wallingford and Ed Robinson as new members of the Board of… Read more

Harpswell’s 200 Acre Wood

It’s 1926. In Maine, a pioneer forester is completing purchase of several plots of land on Great Island with the plan of managing them for timber production. A Portland politician has just left the governorship, and after years of trying to persuade state government to create a park, he’s determined to buy a mountain and… Read more

Nature Notes: Wildlife Encounters

Wild turkeys in the backyard again, this time five large gobblers. Normally the birds pick their way along, grabbing a seed or an insect that catches their sharp eyes. This time the smallest tom was either feeling his oats, or he was tired of being picked on by the larger birds. Turkeys always have a… Read more

There Really is an App for That

Since Harpswell Heritage Land Trust was created 40 years ago, our world has seen dramatic changes in almost every area we can think of—healthcare, travel, agriculture, communication and the list goes on. During the last twenty or so years we have come to depend on the pocket-size devices we call cell phones. We really should… Read more

Harpswell Heritage Land Trust Acquires Anna M. Tondreau Preserve

Harpswell Heritage Land Trust (HHLT) closed on the new Anna M. Tondreau Preserve on June 12. This will be the land trust’s 19th preserve with public access in Harpswell. The acquisition was initiated by the owners’ deep commitment to conserve their family land and honor their mother’s memory. Five siblings – Beth Tondreau, Claire Tondreau,… Read more