The Harpswell Heritage Land Trust is dedicated to protecting the natural and cultural resources of Harpswell, Maine.  Our mission is to preserve and protect Harpswell’s natural resources, cultural heritage and access to the outdoors through targeted conservation, responsible stewardship and education.

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2019 Winter and Spring Events and Programs

This is just a partial list of our events. More will be added as we nail down the details! All events are free and do not require advance registration unless otherwise indicated. Events are weather dependent. Please check this website for cancellations. For more information, contact Julia McLeod at outreach@hhltmaine.org or 207-837-9613. Wonders of Maine’s […]

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The Health Benefits of a Walk in the Woods

by Alicia Pulsifer Heyburn “Go take a hike!” This used to be an aggressive phrase, but now it can be considered a prescription to reduce stress, lower anxiety and create a calming feeling of connectedness. In 1984, American biologist Edward O. Wilson wrote a book titled Biophilia, in which he claimed that humans possess an […]

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Presentations by Author Ed Robinson on the Wonders of Maine’s Wildlife

Harpswell author Ed Robinson has been writing and speaking about the outdoors for years. His new presentation features superb photographs of many of Maine’s wild creatures, both the iconic and the secretive. Ed will share fascinating stories about these creatures and help us to understand more about their lives. Growing up in the Finger Lakes […]

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