The Harpswell Heritage Land Trust is dedicated to protecting the natural and cultural resources of Harpswell, Maine.  Our mission is to preserve and protect Harpswell’s natural resources, cultural heritage and access to the outdoors through targeted conservation, responsible stewardship and education.

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Trail Design and Building: Creating Journeys in Nature for Visitors

By Andrea Stevens Perhaps you have enjoyed a hike at our Long Reach Preserve, zig-zagging up and down slopes through the oak-pine forests and crossing the sponge-like peat of the shrub bog in the valley. Or maybe you have followed the timber bridges through the wetland forest at Curtis Farm, eventually reaching the stunning scenery […]

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Rich Knox: Four-Season Island Stewardship

By Doug Warren Only three wooded acres in size and surrounded by Middle Bay mud flats at low tide, Crow Island might not seem like much to the casual observer. But to Rich Knox, the tiny island has always been “the bees’ knees.” That’s what Rich’s kids called Crow Island when he would take them […]

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Nature and Wellness

By Monique Coombs, Director of Marine Programs for the Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association It should come as no surprise to anyone that I would convey the importance of being outside and in nature with the life of a fisherman. Although, many people do not have the opportunity to work outside every day, or be on […]

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