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Living and Working in a Waterfront Community: A Conversation Series

Harpswell Heritage Land Trust
November 21, 2021

Several local organizations are collaborating to educate Harpswell residents about the working waterfront and open up lines of communication between fishermen and their non-fishermen neighbors. Outcomes of this fruitful collaboration include panel discussions, other events and written articles published in the Harpswell Anchor. Starting in fall 2021, the group organized its first two panel discussions. Recordings of these discussions can be found below.

Fishing through the Seasons focused on the variety of fisheries in Harpswell as well as the methods and timing for harvest. Panelists shared information on what they catch, how and when. Representatives from a variety of fisheries were included. Monique Coombs of the Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association moderated the discussion. This event occurred on October 21, 2021. Click here to watch the recording.

Conversations From the Fishing Community was an informal storytelling roundtable where different generations of Harpswell fishing families shared what has changed over the years and what they have passed on. The event was meant to be an opportunity for those from the fishing community, young and old, to talk casually with each other while giving audience members a chance to listen in on their conversations. Monique Coombs of the Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association moderated the discussion. This event occurred on November 18, 2021. Click here to watch the recording.

Access for the Fishing Community explored the following questions and more. What does access mean to fishing businesses? Accessing the intertidal to harvest quahogs and clams, mooring availability, space to store and maintain gear, access to markets and permits, and space to beach a lobster boat are all necessary aspects of doing business for fishermen. Some of these forms of access are more challenging than others and some vary depending on the season, like parking availability in the summer and winter. Learn more from fishermen and town staff about access in Harpswell, some of the challenges that exist, and how we can support Harpswell’s family-owned fishing businesses. Click here to watch the recording.

The collaboration also includes a series of articles about the working waterfront published in the Harpswell Anchor. You can read those articles by clicking on the links below.

The collaborative partnership behind these events and articles brings together the Harpswell Anchor, the Cundy’s Harbor Library, the Holbrook Community Foundation, the Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association (MCFA) and Harpswell Heritage Land Trust (HHLT).

Conversations from the Fishing Community, November 2021