The Harpswell Heritage Land Trust is dedicated to protecting the natural and cultural resources of Harpswell, Maine.  Our mission is to preserve and protect Harpswell’s natural resources, cultural heritage and access to the outdoors through targeted conservation, responsible stewardship and education.

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The Otter Brook Project: Achieving Harpswell’s Conservation Vision

Harpswell residents and visitors value the wild places in our town, and we are blessed with rugged shoreline, quiet forests and clean streams and marshes. These natural areas are critical to Harpswell’s wildlife habitat, recreational opportunities, scenic views and marine water quality. Protecting these special places has been the work of Harspwell Heritage Land Trust […]

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The Connections Between Land and Water

By Monique Coombs, Seafood Program Director for the Maine Coast Fishermen’s Assocation Have you considered that your actions on land have a direct impact on the health of the ocean around us? Everything that we do ashore, from driving our cars, to building our homes, to caring for our lawns, has an impact upon clean […]

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Harpswell Hiking Challenge 2016

This event is held in conjunction with National Trails Day from American Hiking Society and usually falls on the first weekend in June, but there is no reason you can’t take our challenge any time of the year! Click here to download directions to the trails and the sticker sheet to document your visits. You […]

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Harpswell Hiking Challenge 2016 Harpswell Hiking Challenge 2016