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What parents are saying about Nature Day Camp

Julia McLeod
September 7, 2022

Nature Day Camp 2022 at Potts Point Preserve, Macey Downs photo.

Here’s what parents and campers love about Nature Day Camp:

“She loved the water, the mud, and all the creatures she found…Truly couldn’t be happier, can’t wait to sign her up next year!”

“[My child liked] making new friends, climbing the Pebble, catching butterflies, and swimming.”

She loved camp and likes to say she is now ‘friends to nature.’ She loved exploring tide pools and making fairy houses. She enjoyed the art projects.”

“We love this camp the most out all of the things we do in the summer; thank you so much for making Harpswell accessible and fun.”

“Excellent camp. Thank you for putting together such a thoughtful and adventure-filled program.”

“Thank you for your time and commitment to inspiring a love for the outdoors and Harpswell in particular to our children. This is a terrific program.”

What a wonderful program! We were so impressed with the bios and experience of the counselors, and the content was so rich and conscious. We hope to do it again next year!”

“The only way we were able to take part is because you all extended a scholarship. We can’t express enough our appreciation for offering an opportunity to afford this incredible camp.”

“This is the third summer we’ve done nature camp. We’re tried a lot of camps over the years, and this is definitely at the top of the list in terms of fun and learning.”

“We think your model of exploring different locations and ecosystems is brilliant. The kids are building connections to the particular places and habitats of Harpswell, as well as for the fundamental importance and beauty of nature that they will carry with them. The balance of nature/science education and social learning through those activities and games seemed great.”

 “We all think that this is such a wonderful and special camp. It’s fun and educational. My child says it is absolutely 100% amazing. Thank you so so much.”
“The camp leaders were professional, well organized, friendly to parents & loving to children”

“My camper came home each day truly inspired by the camp leaders. The camp leaders had a meaningful, positive impact on her, including her attitude toward the outdoors and her understanding of local histories.”

“Cannot believe you’re able to offer such an amazing camp at this price.”

“Every day was so well organized from drop off to pick up! My son came home every day saying it was his favorite day!”

“The instructors were wonderful to work with. Each one took the time to make sure each camper was comfortable, safe, and cared for. Their patience and flexibility allowed the campers to get the most out of their camp experience and helped each day run so smoothly. This is a wonderful program and we look forward to next year! Thank you for all of your time and effort put into coordinating this.”

“Loved the variety of activities! Listening, learning through touch, reading, role play, yoga, singing and instrument playing, journaling, searching the woods, catching butterflies…Such early exposure to all these beautiful places in Harpswell will tie their memories to Harpswell when they are adults.”

“It was a great experience for my son who does not always love exploring nature. Thank you!!!”

“The activities each day were well thought out and appropriate for this age group. The length of time spent on each activity was well balanced to give the campers plenty of time for exploration and a smooth transition to the next thing. The variety of exploration, crafts, games, stories, etc. kept the campers’ interest throughout the week.”

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