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Nature Day Camp Staff 2024

Amelia Graham
June 10, 2024

Nature Day Camp staff members are kind, enthusiastic, responsible, experienced, genuinely interested in children and dedicated to creating a positive and enriching experience for all campers.

Lindy Magness (she/her/hers), Camp Director

blonde woman smiles for camera holding puppy

Lindy has been working at various camps and outdoors with children in some capacity for the past 14 summers! Lindy believes the best summer memories are made outdoors in the company of others, and some of her favorites include kayaking in the San Juan Islands, leading a farming-based leadership development program for teenagers in the Shenandoah Valley, and teaching swim lessons everywhere she goes. When not working for Nature Day Camp, Lindy is the Outreach and Education Director for Harpswell Heritage Land Trust, coordinating educational programs and volunteer opportunities, and helping more people connect to the natural beauty and lovely community in Harpswell. Lindy’s favorite way to enjoy the outdoors is running with her dog Fiddle (who is about 50 pounds heavier than she was in the photo above) and kayaking in Casco Bay! If Lindy were a Maine native animal, she would be a Harbor Seal because they love the water, are curious and playful, and enjoy relaxing on rocks in the sunshine with their friends. 

woman smiles at camera holding handful of shellsKatherine Rigney (she/hers), Camp leader for ages 7-12

Katherine has been a full-time outdoor educator for the past three years with Sea Education Association, where she works as a marine technician and teaches oceanography to college undergraduates while sailing. Katherine has also taught swim lessons for many years, coached swim teams, and worked at a variety of summer camps for middle and high schoolers. She loves helping young people explore, investigate, and fall in love with the outdoors like she did when she was a child! When she’s not offshore sailing, you can find Katherine enjoying natural spaces by hiking, going on long bike rides, reading and writing, and taking dips in whatever body of water she can find. If she was a Maine native animal, she would be a beaver because they’re creative and hardworking, they take coziness very seriously, they’re vegetarians, and they love the water! 

man holds fish on boatGus Silverman (he/him), Assistant Camp Leader for ages 7-12

Gus has been dedicated to working with children throughout high school as a mentor and educational assistant. He believes that some of the best experiences are made outdoors, where learning and adventure go hand in hand. When he’s not at camp, you can find him fishing, playing squash, painting, or working on cars and boats. Gus is a rising sophomore at Bates College, majoring in Environmental Studies with a focus on wildlife conservation and global environmental politics. His favorite ways to enjoy nature include hiking, exploring new areas, fishing, and exercising. If Gus were to be any animal in Maine, he would be the Striped Bass because it embodies tenacity, loves the ocean, and has deep cultural ties to the land.

Shenandoah “Shenny” Waugh (they/them/theirs), Camp Leader for ages 4-6

Shenny is a student at Bates College and has worked the past two years as the Outdoor Program Manager of the Bates Outing Club where they dedicated their work to including people from all backgrounds in the outdoors and leading trips from beginner to advanced levels. Shenny has volunteered leading nature trips with local schools in Lewiston and teaching marching band camp to students in their home state of Colorado. Shenny’s favorite ways to enjoy the outdoors are hiking, camping, backpacking, and swimming in cold water. You might have seen them doing polar plunges at Willard beach this winter! If they were an animal that lives in Maine, Shenny would be a deer because they love walking in the woods! When not enjoying the outdoors, Shenny is a Chemistry and European Studies double major and plans to spend the fall semester in Berlin, Germany. 

personal smiles at cameraNora Douglas (they/them or she/her), Assistant Camp Leader for ages 4-6

For multiple summers Nora has been working with kids in the form of babysitting or as junior counselor for HHLT Nature Camp. Some of Nora’s favorite memories of working with kids include exploring tidal pools and catching butterflies! When nature camp ends Nora is starting college this fall where they are hoping to explore creative writing and possibly teaching. Nora’s favorite ways to get moving outside are hiking (year-round) and swimming (only in the summer). If Nora could be any Maine native animal they would be a Barred Owl because not only are Barred Owls super pretty, but they are silent fliers, elusive, and live in the forest, Nora’s favorite habitat biome.