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Welcome to the Harpswell Heritage Land Trust Lending Library

Harpswell Heritage Land Trust
November 1, 2017

The lending library is located inside the Harpswell Heritage Land Trust office at 153 Harpswell Neck Road. Our hours are variable. You’re welcome to stop by whenever you see a car in the parking lot or give us a call before you come to make sure we’re there to let you in. Our number is 207-721-1121.

All books have been donated. Thank you! If you would like to donate books (nonfiction or fiction books about nature, history or Maine) or an additional bookcase to store our expanding library, please contact Julia McLeod at 207-837-9613.

If you would like to borrow a book, here are the guidelines:

  1. Up to 3 books can be borrowed at one time.
  2. Books are due back at the Land Trust office three weeks from the date they are borrowed.
  3. On the sign out sheet please put your name, email address, and/or phone number and the date the books are borrowed.
  4. When you return the books are returned, please put the date of return on the sign out sheet and put the books back in the topic section (they don’t need to be alphabetical).

Lending Library Book List


  • Amphibians of New England by Anne Orth Epple
    Maine Amphibians and Reptiles by Hunter et al


  • 300 Astronomical Objects by Wilkins and Dunn
  • Constellations Audubon Pocket Guide
  • Night Sky by Jonathan Poppele
  • Planets by Giles Sparrow
  • Stars and Planets – Peterson Field Guide by Menzel et al


  • A Year on the Wing by Tim Dee
  • All the Water Birds/Atlantic by Paul Lehman, ed.
  • American Robin by Roland Waver
  • Audubon Field Guide to North American Birds
  • Beak of the Finch by Jonathan Weiner
  • Bird Nests by Sharon Cohen, Gerry Ellis – Photographer
  • Birds East of the Rockies – Peterson Field Guide by Roger Tory Peterson
  • Birds of Maine by Stan Tekiela
  • Birds of North America, Field Guide by Robbins et al
  • Coastal Birds – Maine Geographic Brochure by Al Kidwell
  • Crow Planet by Lyanda Lynn Haupt
  • Enjoying Maine Birds by Olin Sewall Pettingill, Jr., Editor
  • Families of Birds by Oliver Austin, Jr.
  • For the Birds, An Uncommon Guide by Laura Erickson
  • Instant Guide to Freshwater Birds by Lambert/Pearson
  • Life Histories of North American Birds of Prey by Arthur Cleveland Bent
  • Life Histories of North American Shore Birds by Arthur Cleveland Bent
  • Loon, Voice of the Wilderness by Joan Dunning
  • Maine Birding Trail by Bob Duchesne
  • Puffins by Kenny Taylor
  • Red-tails in Love by Marie Winn
  • Sibley Field Guide to Birds by David Allen Sibley
  • Stokes Field Guide to Birds by Donald and Lillian Stokes


  • An Apple a Day by Gillis
  • Discovering Nature with Children by Chalufour
  • Little Hands Nature Book by Castaldo
  • Stone Wall Secrets by Thorson/Moore
  • Stone Wall Secrets Teacher’s Guide by Dieke
  • The Whale in Lowell’s Cove by Jane Robinson
  • View from the Oak by Judith and Herbert Kohl
  • We Watch Squirrels by Ada and Frank Graham
  • Where they Go in Winter by Margaret W. Buck


  • Granite Landscape by Tom Wessels
  • Illustrated Encyclopedia of Minerals by Woolley
  • Rocks and Minerals; Golden Field Guide


  • Ant Book by Colombo
  • Familiar Butterflies of North America; (Audubon Pocket Guide) by Walton
  • Insects – Guide to Familiar American Insects; (Golden Nature Guide by Zim
  • The Monarch by Kylee Baumle


  • A Year in the Maine Woods by Heinrich, Bernd
  • History of Birch Island by Snow
  • Interrupted Forest by Rolde, Neil
  • Maine Coast – A Nature Lover’s Guide by Miller, Dorcas
  • Maine’s Natural Heritage by Dean Bennett
  • Paddling Southern Maine by Sandy Moore and Kimberlee Bennett
  • Saving Maine, Conservation Success Stories by Bill Silliker Jr.
  • Steamboat Yesterdays on Casco Bay by William J. Frappier


  • America’s Neighborhood Bats by Merlin D. Tuttle
  • Animal Tracking and Behavior by Stokes
  • Tracks, Scats and Signs by Leslie Dendy
  • Wild Mammals of New England by Alfred Godin


  • A Naturalist’s Field Guide by Kilham
  • Amateur Naturalist by Durrell
  • Beginning Naturalist by Lawrence
  • Book of Naturalists by Beebe
  • Hidden World Revealed by Tom Seymour
  • Through a Naturalist’s Eyes by Caduto

Plants and Mushrooms

  • Chanterelle Dreams, Amanita Nightmares by Greg Marley
  • Common Weeds of the United States USDA
  • Dandelion, Pokeweed and Goosefoot – How Early Settlers Used Plants by Elizabeth Schaeffer
  • Drawing Trees by Perard
  • Fall Color and Woodland Harvests by Bell and Lindsey
  • Fern Finder by Hallowell
  • Field Guide to Ferns by Cobb (Peterson FG)
  • Field Guide to North American Trees; National Audubon Guide
  • Field Guide to North American Wildflowers; National Audubon Guide
  • Field Guide to Trees National Geographic
  • Flora of New England by Seymour
  • Herbs and Spices by Julia Morton
  • Heritage of Our Maine Wildflowers by Judith Johnson
  • Indian Herbalogy of North America by Hutchins
  • Learning About Leaves Sticker Book by Barlowe
  • Mushrooms Demystified by Arora
  • Mushrooms for Health by Greg Marley
  • Reading the Forested Landscape by Tom Wessels
  • Trees – Their Natural History by Thomas
  • Trees and Shrubs of New England by Marilyn Dwelley
  • Trees of North America; (Golden Nature Guide) by Brockman
  • Trees Up Close by Nancy R. Hugo
  • Trees: East Smithsonian/ Collins Guide
  • Welcome Weeds – Beginner’s Guide to Wild Gardening by Eve
  • Wildflowers of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont by Bessette et al
  • Wildflowers, Peterson Field Guide by Peterson/McKenny
  • Winning the War on Weeds (Invasives) by Casco Bay Invasives Network


  • Atlantic Seashore – Peterson Field Guide by Kenneth Gosner
  • Beachcomber’s Botany by Petry/Norman
  • Collins’ Pocket Guide the Seashore by Barrett
  • Field Guide to the Shells- Peterson Guide by Peggy Morris
  • Seaside Naturalist by Coulombe
  • Sierra Club Naturalists’ Guide to the North Atlantic Coast
  • Whales and Seals of Gulf of Maine – Field Guide by Katona, Richardson, Hazard
  • Wild Edge – Life and Love of the Great Atlantic Beaches by Philip Kopper


  • American Wildlife and Plants by Martin, Zim, Nelson
  • At Timberline – A Nature Guide Mtns of NE by Frederic Steele
  • Bait Barrel Kids by Anderson
  • Birds, Mammals, Marine Life of Acadia, Laminated Card
  • Field Guide to Eastern Forests by Peterson FG John Kricher/ Gordon
  • Morrison
  • Field Guide to New England – Nat’l Audubon Society by Alden/Cassie
  • Field Guide to the Familiar by Lawrence
  • Nature in Winter by Donald Stokes
  • New England Coastal Invertebrates, Laminated Card
  • North American Wildlife – Plants and Animals by Readers Digest
  • Story Handbook, The; Center for Land and People by Helen Whybrow, Editor
  • The Curious Nature Guide Clare by Walker Leslie
  • Under the Sea-Wind by Rachel Carson

Updated October 2019