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Abigail Sibley: Local Artist, Local Friend to the Trust

Harpswell Heritage Land Trust
September 6, 2014

By Christine N. Farrell

“Drive down three hills, park by my car, then walk down the lane.” Those were her directions. And perfect they were.

Abigail Sibley’s cottage was built in 1937 on the shores of Middle Bay on 27 acres purchased by Abigail’s father, a Bowdoin professor, for $1,200. Each summer, Abigail and her family came to explore Middle Bay and observe the farmers and fisherman then earning a living in Harpswell.

Traveling today down those hills (count ‘em, three!), you know a true Maine beauty awaits you at the bottom. Hidden in the trees, the cottage sits on ledge, providing Abigail the artist with exquisite eye candy to paint. Long ago Abigail studied history to earn a PhD, but today Abigail paints, to the delight of all of us here in Harpswell.

Abigail’s note cards are unique one-person views of the natural beauties of the Neck and the Islands. One spectacular card features the Great Blue Heron, another the Puffin. Other cards capture the rugged splendor of pine and fir trees clinging to ledge.

Abigail chose to honor the work of HHLT by creating watercolors and contributing the hand-tinted cards to the Land Trust for their sale. Abigail believes the Land Trust is one of the best changes she has seen in the 50-plus years of visits to Harpswell. HHLT supports the “good will, expertise and generosity of the people” of the Harpswell community, she says. By painting cards for the Land Trust, Abigail has found a way to contribute in her own unique way. Do you have unique assets or skills you would like to contribute? Help out however you can and be like Abigail, a true friend to Harpswell Heritage Land Trust.