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Nature Notes from Maine: River Otters, Moose, Skunks & More

Ed Robinson
July 16, 2018

Nature Notes from Maine: A collection of stories and images to celebrate the natural world around us

Volume one released in 2018 by Harpswell Heritage Land Trust

“This book is full of great stories about Maine’s wild animals. The stories are highly entertaining and brought back memories of some of my own wildlife encounters. These are the wild critters that make life in Maine very special.” — George Smith, Outdoor News Editor for the Bangor Daily News

The book is for sale for $20 at Harpswell Heritage Land Trust, 153 Harpswell Neck Road. You can buy a copy and have it shipped to you by clicking here.

You can purchase Nature Notes from Maine as an e-book for $9.99 on Amazon by clicking here.

With 190 pages, 40 interesting and informative stories, 60 stunning photos and 10 ink drawings, this book makes a great gift for anyone who loves Maine wildlife. It was written by Harpswell’s own Ed Robinson.


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Check out this 2021 review from the Natural Resources Council of Maine:

Nature Notes from Maine, by Ed Robinson (Brynmorgen Press, 2018): “A playful book, Nature Notes from Maine is a joy for anyone with a curiosity for Maine’s natural features and wildlife. Robinson strikes a balance between natural classification and personal anecdote. From discussions of Bald Eagles and moose to apple trees and ostrich ferns, he introduces the reader to a tasteful cocktail of natural Maine. I found his descriptions to be lucid and tranquil. For instance, he writes, “Ancient mariners told wonderful tales about seeing mermaids near distant shores, no doubt because of long voyages, poor nutrition, sparse female companionship and too much rum. It often turned out that those mermaids with lovely dark eyes, long lashes and haunting gazes were harbor seals.” His passion for nature carries throughout the pages, which in turn made me all the more intrigued. For those who have experienced Maine wildlife firsthand, Robinson’s stories and descriptions are relatable and will likely trigger personal memories of your own. Those who wish to learn more about nature in Maine will be in good hands as well. His stories, ecosystem descriptions, animal behavior run downs, and fun facts source his book’s saturated educational component. Nature Notes from Maine will surely supplement an appreciation for the wild side of Maine.” —Henry Morjikian, Public Affairs & Communications Intern

All proceeds from the sale of the book will benefit the work of Harpswell Heritage Land Trust to preserve special places in Harpswell and educate and engage our community.