Community and School Garden Fund

Harvesting cabbage

Harvesting at the Harpswell Community Garden (photo by Julia Papell)

Harpswell Heritage Land Trust administers a fund established in 2005 by an anonymous donor to support community and school gardens in Harpswell, Maine.

Community gardening activities eligible for funding are those that allow Harpswell residents to grow fresh food and flowers in garden plots available to all Harpswell residents, and that are organized and maintained by the gardeners themselves.

For Harpswell schools, eligible projects are those that use gardens as learning opportunities for students.

All projects, to the extent practicable, should promote organic gardening practices and be handicapped accessible. Specific activities eligible for funding include, but are not limited to, garden tools and supplies, soil amendments, seeds and plants, fencing, greenhouses, providing or improving access to water, garden expansion, improving accessibility to gardens, public education about gardening methods and establishing new community or school gardens (possibly including purchase of land).

The funding of any particular garden or activity shall be at the sole discretion of HHLT. To apply, please submit your answers to the questions below by Feb. 16, 2024. You will hear our response within a month. If you missed the deadline, you’re still welcome to reach out to us.

  1. Total amount requested.
  2. What would you like to do with this funding? Please provide a description and an itemized list.
  3. Who will benefit from this program? How will you know that the garden is providing the intended benefit?
  4. Briefly describe the uses and outcomes of funding received from this fund in 2023 (if applicable).
    • Organization:
    • Contact person:
    • E-mail address:
    • Phone:

You’re welcome to contact us with questions at or 207-721-1121.

Past grants have supported Harpswell Community School, Harpswell Community Nursery School, Harpswell Coastal Academy and the Harpswell Community Garden at Mitchell Field. Grants generally range in size from $100 to $7,000.