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Junior Ranger Activity Book

Become a Harpswell Junior Ranger! This 68-page, full-color book introduces young people to 10 trails, parks and preserves in Harpswell, while exploring elements of nature that make these places special and fascinating.  Learn, explore and have fun while becoming a Harpswell Junior Ranger!  The Junior Ranger Activity Book was created by Emma Levy, who was… Read more

Harpswell Guidebook Inspires a Sense of Place

This article was published in the Harpswell Anchor, July 2018. By Kara Douglas On a windy afternoon near the end of the school year about 40 third graders have gathered on the sloping lawn at Harpswell Community School. They sit in a lopsided circle, speaking in turns as attention moves counter-clockwise around. “My favorite preserve… Read more

Third graders raise and release Atlantic Salmon

Every year third graders at Harpswell Community School raise Atlantic Salmon from eggs to fry in a tank in their classroom. Harpswell Heritage Land Trust educator Julia McLeod presents a series of lessons about life cycles, biodiversity, adaptations, clean water and migration. The students release the salmon in the Little River in Lisbon in May…. Read more

Harpswell Students get Muddy for Science

Published in the Midcoast Forecaster on June 8, 2016 By Walter Wuthmann HARPSWELL — A dozen Harpswell Community School students went crashing through grass and water, unleashed by the end of the school day and a salt marsh. It was a warm afternoon June 6, and the great blue heron the kids were trying to trap… Read more

“Real, tangible science” in the Classroom

by Kara Douglas From the March 2015 edition of the Harpswell Anchor Nina Beattie turns around in her seat and smiles. “We have 200 class pets,” she proclaims, pointing toward the corner of the classroom. In the front of Megan Philips’s third grade room at Harpswell Community School (HCS) sits what looks like a large… Read more