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Scourge of the Seaweed on the Devil’s Back

by Jamie Pacheco Spring has arrived here in Southern Maine and most of the snow has melted. In honor of this, Essex and I have started revisiting the slippery and steep, formerly snow-covered trails in Harpswell. On Tuesday afternoon we headed out to give Devil’s Back Trail the once over. This began as a nerve-wracking… Read more

Long Reach Preserve in Winter

February 5 brought another storm to Harpswell – 12 inches of powder snow with a light wind, a good day to stay home and get started on your income tax return. But the best was to come – an uninterrupted span of seven days with brilliant blue skies! With temperatures remaining below freezing most of… Read more

Meander around Mitchell Field

October 22, 2001 was a big day in the life of Harpswell. On that date, the Federal government transferred ownership of the Navy’s “Defense Fuel Support Point” to our town. With the stroke of a pen, Harpswell was the new owner of nearly 120 acres of ocean front land with 2,630 feet of prime shoreline… Read more

Walking the Devil’s Back Trail

Sometimes a little creativity can go a long way; in this case 1.2 miles. That is the length of the outer loop of the Devil’s Back Trail on Orr’s Island. It is likely you have driven by the trailhead many times without stopping to check out this trail. With better weather here, now is the… Read more

Pott’s Point Preserve: A Slice of Paradise

If you long to feel the wind in your hair, and to fill your lungs with bracing sea air without leaving dry land, I have just the place for you: Harpswell Heritage Land Trust’s Pott’s Point Preserve. To my mind’s eye, this “pocket preserve” has just about everything you could want if you love Harpswell… Read more

Giant’s Stairs Trail: Walking with Giants

Harpswell has many trails worth your time and energy, but if you only walk one trail in town I recommend the Giant’s Stairs walk on the southeast tip of Bailey Island. We have walked here in all kinds of weather, in all 4 seasons, and it never disappoints. Seeing the spectacular rock formations and stunning… Read more