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Dogs on Harpswell Trails

Dogs on Harpswell Trails

Harpswell Heritage Land Trust
March 25, 2020

We are glad to be able to provide trails and preserves for both people and their four-footed friends. If you are a dog owner, we ask that you please respect others’ enjoyment of our beautiful trails and shoreline. Please understand that some people don’t like dogs and some are afraid of dogs. Please keep your… Read more

Patty and Allan Graves: A gift from the generations before to the generations to come

One in a series of profiles of people who played a key role in the first 35 years of the Harpswell Heritage Land Trust. Sitting around a table in the family home just up the hill from Houghton Graves Park on Orr’s Island, Allan and Patty Graves want to make one thing perfectly clear: “It’s… Read more

Playing a Role in Historic Preservation

  The beauty of Harpswell encompasses far more than its natural scenery, its views of ocean and sounds, woodlands, and farmlands (all top-notch). Its historic architecture is also eye-catching and distinguished. Harpswell Heritage Land Trust (HHLT) plays a role in preserving five of Harpswell’s splendid old buildings. That’s unusual for a land trust, which typically… Read more

Potts Point Preserve: A gem

One of a series of articles exploring the natural and human history of Harpswell Heritage Land Trust’s protected land. The closest you’ll find to a high-rise at Potts Point Preserve is a cairn, and it will founder in the next storm. The closest you’ll find to high density housing there are pockets of single-family shells…. Read more