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McIntosh Lot Preserve: Ancient history on display

One of a series of articles exploring the natural and human history of Harpswell Heritage Land Trust’s protected land. What comes to mind when you think of the Giant’s Stairs? A “stern and rockbound coast”? That’s a catchphrase used by P.G. Wodehouse about Bertie Wooster: “[He] once got engaged to… Honoria, a ghastly dynamic exhibit… Read more

Skolfield Shores Preserve: A 148 million year legacy

  Harpswell volunteers who saved Skolfield Shores Preserve from development in 2002 saved a 148 million year legacy. One of Maine’s largest populations of Atlantic horseshoe crabs feed and reproduce on the tidal mudflats of the Preserve, as their close cousins have done in similar settings since the Jurassic. Paleontologists in 2014 discovered new fossils… Read more

Long Reach Preserve in Autumn

  While each of the trails in Harpswell has something to offer, I always look forward to time spent at Long Reach Preserve. Not only does the Preserve offer the longest hike in town (nearly 2 miles in total), but you can enjoy a wide diversity of terrain and genuine solitude on this walk. The… Read more

Visiting Ghosts on Birch Island

Articles and photographs by Jym St. Pierre On Saturday, August 20, 2016, we dipped the kayaks into the blue water of Mere Point Bay and paddled the short distance to Birch Island. The goal was to visit a property that Harpswell Heritage Land Trust is working to preserve. Casco Bay is a drowned landscape. After… Read more

Otter Brook: Past, Present and Future

It is always interesting to understand the history of a piece of property – who owned the land back in time, and how their interactions with the land shaped the property we can see today.  In the case of the two parcels involved with Harpswell Heritage Land Trust’s (HHLT) Otter Brook Project, there are intersecting… Read more