Day 2: Scavenger hunts and an animal riddle

Outdoor ideas and inspiration

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“Our goal —Jasper, Greta and Grandmom—is to visit a Harpswell outdoor place every day! So far we have been to Cedar Beech and Stover’s Point. Thank you for the email with information and ideas!” —Margaret Rusczek

Today you can find in this post:

  • An animal riddle and link to a Nature Notes article
  • An outdoor activity for kids: Scavenger hunts
  • Information about where to get outdoors in Harpswell and beyond

Animal riddle

One of Maine’s largest breeding birds makes surprisingly long flights during migration that find the bird moving between Maine and Caribbean locations in only two to three, depending upon the speed of high altitude winds. What bird is this? Click here for the answer and to read more about this interesting Maine animal.

Outdoor activity for kids: Scavenger hunts

Scavenger hunts are great, fun ways to encourage kids to explore and look closely at the world around them. You can make your own or use one of ours. There are four available for download below.

Trails and Preserves in Harpswell and beyond

For more information on where to get outdoors in Harpswell, click here.

For more information about where to get outdoors in the broader southern Midcoast region, click here.

Your own backyard and neighborhood are also great, safe places to spend some time outdoors.