Photo project: This week in Harpswell

Have you enjoyed Harpswell’s scenic wonders? Yes! Have you ever been inspired to reach for a camera or phone to capture a moment of Harpswell beauty — a sunset, a dewdrop, a smile, or the majestic arc of forest giant? Most likely. If you’re like most of us, you’re eager to share those golden moments.

Photo by Glen Grauer

The land trust will collect photos in a year-long series called “This Week in Harpswell” with a week selected in each of the four seasons. Put on your snowshoes or sunscreen, as the season dictates, and take to the trails and shoreline with your camera.

We’d love for you to submit photos in these categories:

  • Scenery
  • People
  • Detail (close-ups of plants, rocks, water, animals, etc.)

All photos should be taken in Harpswell during the four weeks of the project. We love photos of our trails and preserves, but all Harspwell photos are welcome!

This Week in Harpswell will launch February 10-16.

Email your photos to photos@hhltmaine.org. In the email, please indicate the name of the photographer and the date and location of the photo.

Dates will be announced in May, August and October. Selected photos will be presented in an online gallery, on social media and in future HHLT publications.

Photo by Courtney Cronin