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Intro to Birding

Harpswell Heritage Land Trust
April 14, 2022

Interested in birding? We encourage you to watch a recording of Judy Marino’s 2021 Intro to Birding workshop.

Click here for the recording.

Download a helpful resource sheet for beginning birders created by Judy Marino.

This Intro to Birding session will present basic guidelines and hints for identifying birds, with emphasis on appropriate habitat as found on the various Harpswell Heritage Land Trust preserves. The illustrations will focus on the most common birds found in Harpswell.

We will also review both print and online birding resources which everyone can use to discover where to find and how to identify birds. Hopefully everyone will leave with greater enthusiasm for birding and more tools for enjoying this life-long activity!

Judy Marino has experience as a high school teacher and a software developer. After retiring, she used both of these skills to teach herself more about birds, to connect with other birders and to try to keep up with ever-expanding birding software resources. She considers herself a ‘mid-level’ birder who is close enough to being a new learner that she remembers her early challenges and likes to help others avoid some beginner pitfalls.