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Day 16: Senses grid and a nature riddle

Harpswell Heritage Land Trust
April 7, 2020

Outdoor activity ideas and inspiration

From mid-March to the end of May 2020, Harpswell Heritage Land Trust (HHLT) posted a simple outdoor activity idea and nature riddle for kids every weekday. Some days we also posted other resources, like downloadable chapters of the Junior Ranger Activity Book.

Created to support parents who found themselves homeschooling during the COVID-19 pandemic, these activity ideas are a great jumping off point for any outdoor adventure. Click here for a list with links to all 50 activity ideas.

Nature riddle

What local tree will soon blossom with lovely pink and white flowers in preparation for growing lots of our favorite red autumn fruit? Click here to read more about this plant.

Use a senses grid to make observations

We can learn a lot about nature by using our keen observation skills. I like to encourage children to use their sight, hearing, touch and smell to observe the world around them.

I encourage you to download the senses grid below. Have your children choose a spot in nature to sit and observe. Encourage them to fill in the grid with drawings and/or words to describe what they see, hear, feel and smell. This can be done numerous times. It’s an interesting way to compare different habitats.