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Day 18: Meet a tree and a nature riddle

Harpswell Heritage Land Trust
April 9, 2020

Outdoor activity ideas and inspiration

From mid-March to the end of May 2020, Harpswell Heritage Land Trust (HHLT) posted a simple outdoor activity idea and nature riddle for kids every weekday. Some days we also posted other resources, like downloadable chapters of the Junior Ranger Activity Book.

Created to support parents who found themselves homeschooling during the COVID-19 pandemic, these activity ideas are a great jumping off point for any outdoor adventure. Click here for a list with links to all 50 activity ideas.

Nature riddle

This amazing insect flies up to 48,000 miles to make one quart jar of something delicious and sweet that humans love. At the same time, this animal pollinates countless flowers, which helps them make seeds and continue their life cycle. Click here to read more about this fascinating small animal.  

Meet a tree

Photo by Curt Chipman

This is a fun game that encourages us to use our sense of touch and really get to know a tree. It is played in pairs. One person in the pair, the explorer, puts on a blindfold. We will call the other partner the leader.

  1. The explorer puts on a blindfold.
  2. The leader carefully leads the explorer to a tree.
  3. The explorer touches the tree to get to know it. The explorer can feel the bark, leaves, branches, buds and anything else that will help him/her recognize the tree later.
  4. The leader carefully leads the explorer away from the tree.
  5. The leader spins the explorer in a few circles to add a challenge.
  6. The explorer takes off the blindfold and tries to find the tree that he/she was feeling.
  7. Switch roles.