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The Health Benefits of a Walk in the Woods

The Health Benefits of a Walk in the Woods

Harpswell Heritage Land Trust
January 28, 2019

by Alicia Pulsifer Heyburn “Go take a hike!” This used to be an aggressive phrase, but now it can be considered a prescription to reduce stress, lower anxiety and create a calming feeling of connectedness. In 1984, American biologist Edward O. Wilson wrote a book titled Biophilia, in which he claimed that humans possess an… Read more

Junior Ranger Activity Book

Become a Harpswell Junior Ranger! This 68-page, full-color book introduces young people to 10 trails, parks and preserves in Harpswell, while exploring elements of nature that make these places special and fascinating.  Learn, explore and have fun while becoming a Harpswell Junior Ranger!  The Junior Ranger Activity Book was created by Emma Levy, who was… Read more