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Fred Gay: A skier, sailor, dancer and exterminator of poison ivy

Fred Gay is delightful. Not too many people deserve that moniker, but Fred does. From his engaging smile, to his Amish hat, to—and this is how I became acquainted with Fred—his immunity to poison ivy, Fred is one of a kind! Over the summer Fred offered to remove poison ivy from the McIntosh Lot Preserve… Read more

Two Coves Farm

Two Coves Farm

Ed Robinson
June 9, 2020

“I love the plants and the land, it is an organism to be fostered,” Laura Grady stated as she tried to explain her engagement with the 100 acres upon which Two Coves Farm rests. Laura continued “We listen to the land, we work with it by spreading compost and we try to determine the best… Read more

Peggy Logan: Staying engaged with nature as you age

  Engagement with the natural world can be a lifelong relationship and one that evolves over time. Take the case of Margaret “Peggy” Logan of Neil’s Point in Harpswell, for example. At 95, Peggy admits, “How I live with nature these days is somewhat limited. But I just love to get my hands in the… Read more

Patty and Allan Graves: A gift from the generations before to the generations to come

One in a series of profiles of people who played a key role in the first 35 years of the Harpswell Heritage Land Trust. By Doug Warren Sitting around a table in the family home just up the hill from Houghton Graves Park on Orr’s Island, Allan and Patty Graves want to make one thing… Read more