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The People Behind the First 35 years of Harpswell Heritage Land Trust

Since 1983, Harpswell Heritage Land Trust (HHLT) has been working with the community to preserve special places in Harpswell, ensure public shore access, build and maintain trails, provide engaging educational programs and protect scenic views, clean water and wildlife habitat. In 2018 we celebrate our 35th anniversary. One of the ways we are celebrating is… Read more

Trail Design and Building:  Creating Journeys in Nature for Visitors

By Andrea Stevens Perhaps you have enjoyed a hike at our Long Reach Preserve, zig-zagging up and down slopes through the oak-pine forests and crossing the sponge-like peat of the shrub bog in the valley. Or maybe you have followed the timber bridges through the wetland forest at Curtis Farm, eventually reaching the stunning scenery… Read more

Bob Weggel: Leaving a legacy

One in a series of profiles of people who played a key role in the first 35 years of the Harpswell Heritage Land Trust. By Doug Warren Supporters of Harpswell Heritage Land Trust (HHLT) have brought an amazing array of talents to aid the organization during its first 35 years. Lawyers and lobstermen, boatbuilders and… Read more