Day 3: Nature collections and an animal riddle

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In this post you will find:

  • An animal riddle and link to a Nature Notes article
  • An outdoor activity for kids: Egg carton collections
  • Information about where to get outdoors in Harpswell and beyond

Animal riddle

Now that the snow has vanished from my yard, I see that something has gnawed the bark from some of my small trees. Whom do I blame? Click here for the answer and for more about this small animal.

Outdoor activity for kids: Egg carton collections

Egg cartons are great for collections! This simple activity is fun and encourages kids to think about categories and sorting.

Give your child an egg carton and encourage him/her to go outside and collect natural objects. This is enough, but if you want to go deeper you can choose one of the options below.

  1. Come up with pairs of opposite adjectives (small/big, light/dark, fat/skinny, etc.). Have your child fill one half of the egg carton with natural objects corresponding to the first adjective and the other half with natural objects corresponding to the second adjective. Then have someone guess the adjectives. You could have a sibling guess, or grandma on video chat, or you could write the pairs of adjectives on scraps of paper and have your child choose a pair out of a hat so you can guess.
  2. The other option is to have your child create her/his own sorted collection, with half of the egg carton filled with objects in one category and the other half of the egg carton filled with objects in another category. You might be surprised by their creative explanations!
Nature Day Camp (photo by Courtney Cronin)

Trails and Preserves in Harpswell and beyond

For more information on where to get outdoors in Harpswell, click here.

For more information about where to get outdoors in the broader southern Midcoast region, click here.

Your own backyard and neighborhood are also great, safe places to spend some time outdoors.