Day 4: Cleaning up trash, the Cliff Trail chapter of the Junior Ranger Activity Book and an animal riddle

Outdoor ideas and inspiration

We understand that this is a difficult time for many people, and we want to help. To that end, we will be posting daily outdoor ideas and inspiration (weekdays only). Being outdoors in nature is good for your health and emotional well-being!

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In this post you will find:

  • An animal riddle and link to a Nature Notes article
  • An outdoor activity for all ages: Pick up trash alongside roads and along the shoreline
  • Resource for families: the Cliff Trail section of the Junior Ranger Activity Book
  • Information about where to get outdoors in Harpswell and beyond

Animal riddle

A popular sea duck found in Harpswell survives on a diet that is up to 70 percent whole shellfish. Which bird is it? Click here for the answer and to read an article about this interesting bird.

Outdoor activity for all ages: Pick up trash alongside roads and along the shoreline

Picking up trash alongside our roads and along our shoreline is a great way to take action for good. Especially during a challenging time, many of us feel the need to help. While trying to maintain social distancing, it can be hard to figure out how to help other people. Picking up trash gets us outdoors and active, and it gives us a sense of accomplishment when we see the results of our labor. You are welcome to pick up trash at any of Harspwell Heritage Land Trust’s preserves. There always seems to be trash washed up on the shore.

If you’re feeling creative, you can wash some of the trash you pick up, get out the hot glue gun and make sculptures. We’d love to see a picture of you collecting trash, or of the art you create! Email it to photos@hhltmaine.org.

Picking up trash at Stover’s Point Preserve (Michele Frost photo)

Resource for families: Cliff Trail section of the Junior Ranger Activity Book

The Junior Ranger Activity Book includes engaging science content, activity ideas, writing prompts and trail maps! It’s a great resource to learn about and explore nature. You can go to the trails described, or you can do the activities in your backyard. The book was created by Emma Levy, a Harpswell native, as her senior capstone project. Click here for more about the book.

We will be releasing the book one chapter at a time as PDF downloads over the next several weeks.

Click here for the Cliff Trail chapter of the book, which explores soil and erosion.

If you would like a physical copy of the whole book (without having to view it online or print out pages), you can order it on our website for just $5 + $4 shipping (which is less than what it costs us to produce). Click here to order.

Trails and Preserves in Harpswell and beyond

For more information on where to get outdoors in Harpswell, click here.

For more information about where to get outdoors in the broader southern Midcoast region, click here.

Your own backyard and neighborhood are also great, safe places to spend some time outdoors.