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There Really is an App for That

Since Harpswell Heritage Land Trust was created 40 years ago, our world has seen dramatic changes in almost every area we can think of—healthcare, travel, agriculture, communication and the list goes on. During the last twenty or so years we have come to depend on the pocket-size devices we call cell phones. We really should… Read more

Harpswell Heritage Land Trust Acquires Anna M. Tondreau Preserve

Harpswell Heritage Land Trust (HHLT) closed on the new Anna M. Tondreau Preserve on June 12. This will be the land trust’s 19th preserve with public access in Harpswell. The acquisition was initiated by the owners’ deep commitment to conserve their family land and honor their mother’s memory. Five siblings – Beth Tondreau, Claire Tondreau,… Read more

Nature Notes: Pelagic

Definitions vary by your choice of dictionary, but for our purposes the word “pelagic” means “species related to or living in the open sea.” This contrasts with species of coastal areas or on the bottom of the sea, known as the benthic zone. By now you may be wondering, so why are you writing about… Read more

Nature Day Camp Staff 2023

Nature Day Camp staff members are kind, enthusiastic, responsible, experienced, genuinely interested in children and dedicated to creating a positive and enriching experience for all campers. Julia McLeod, Camp Director Julia McLeod loves exploring nature with children. She especially enjoys listening to kids’ ideas and observations, sharing a sense of wonder, and exploring tidepools. She… Read more

Living Messages: The Next 40 Years

If children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see, and our mission is to protect what is so special about Harpswell, then our young people are one of Harpswell Heritage Land Trust’s (HHLT) most precious resources. According to the Child Mind Institute, “the average-American child spends about 4 to… Read more

Harpswell Hiking Challenge 2023

Harpswell Hiking Challenge 2023

Harpswell Heritage Land Trust
May 17, 2023

Celebrate American Hiking Society’s National Trails Day with the Harpswell Hiking Challenge! Harpswell, Maine’s peninsula and 30+ islands have over 200 miles of coastline with beautiful views of Casco Bay and even Mount Washington. This is the 12th year for our hiking challenge. You can hike all the trails in one day or over the… Read more

The Forest Playground

Explore, Play, Discover Take a step into the Forest Playground and you will quickly discover that it is not a typical playground. It is much more. This is a place where all of our senses are invited to play. The elements and materials here provide inspiration for fun, connection, creativity, movement and discovery. Children experience… Read more

Letter to the Community: Harpswell Coastal Academy

To the Harpswell community: Though we have submitted a press release about Harpswell Heritage Land Trust’s decision to respectfully decline the generous offer of the Harpswell Coastal Academy property, we wanted to follow that with a letter to you, the Harpswell community. We feel fortunate to be a one-town land trust. It allows us to… Read more