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Hunting and Trapping in Harpswell

Hunting and Trapping in Harpswell

Harpswell Heritage Land Trust
November 2, 2022

Don’t forget your blaze orange! Recreational hunting is a respected tradition in Maine. Harpswell Heritage Land Trust (HHLT) is dedicated to providing public access to its preserves for many uses, including hunting, when appropriate. If you like to get outdoors during hunting season, we urge you (and your dogs) to wear blaze orange. In 2022, firearms… Read more

The Origins of Potts Point Preserve

This article was submitted to the Harpswell Anchor by Bob and Kay Howe of the Potts Point Road Association The Harpswell Heritage Land Trust has dramatically lessened the friction that used to exist between homeowners on Potts Point Road and outsiders seeking access to the beach and the land at the outer end of the Potts… Read more

The Future of Accessible Trails in Harpswell

Her smile really tells the story, along with the two-thumbs-up rating. Aggie Perry, 4, thoroughly enjoyed exploring the town of Harpswell’s recently renovated Cliff Trail with her wheelchair “Go-Go,” and her mom, Molly Perry. And Molly was happy to share their story in a blog post called “Adventuring with Aggie” on the Maine Trail Finder… Read more

Land Trust completes $2.14M ‘Forever Campaign’ for endowment, new preserve

Originally published in the Harpswell Anchor The Harpswell Heritage Land Trust has completed its “Forever Campaign,” raising $2.14 million to create an endowment and acquire a 57-acre preserve on Great Island. With support from more than 200 donors, the campaign surpassed its goal of $2.1 million before concluding around Labor Day weekend, according to HHLT… Read more

Nature Notes: Harvest Time

Nature Notes: Harvest Time

Ed Robinson
October 11, 2022

Early autumn, and the living is easy, as easy as it gets in the natural world at our northern latitude. The heat and drought conditions of summer are gone, and the deprivation of winter has not arrived. This is a time of plenty for most wildlife and they are making the most of it. Across… Read more

Meet our Newest Trustees

Don Westfall Don Westfall was introduced to Harpswell Heritage Land Trust through his volunteer work with the Harpswell Invasive Plant Partnership (HIPP). That and through walking his dog on the land trust’s trails. “Mine and my dog’s favorite is the Hackett and Minot Trails.” Don said. “It’s just beautiful.” Don and his wife, Tuckie, moved… Read more

HHLT Gets a Website Makeover

HHLT Gets a Website Makeover

Tim McCreight
October 7, 2022

Though it’s been less than 30 years, few of us can remember the days before the internet. How did we figure out what time it is in London, or remember the name of the actor who played Beaver Cleaver before the early search engines? The words “technology” and “information” rarely appeared together, but now many… Read more

Harpswell’s Island Heritage

Introduction Harpswell Township is home to almost half of Casco Bay’s more than 200 islands, listing 98 islands within its borders. Four of these are the heavily-populated Great Island (formerly Sebascodegan Island), Dingley Island, Orr’s Island, and Bailey Island. That leaves 94 “outer” islands, accessible only by water or air. The exact count can be… Read more

Water: All Around us, yet a Threatened Resource

The town of Harpswell is 81% water, so it seems odd to say that the town has a water shortage. Odd but true. Of course the reason is that the 81% refers to salt water, aka the Atlantic Ocean, and the shortage refers to fresh drinking water, or technically, potable groundwater. A full understanding of… Read more