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Deirdre Strachan: Stalwart Member of HHLT’s Board of Trustees

There is a discernible lift in Deirdre Strachan’s already cheerful voice when the topic of conversation turns to Harpswell, her adopted home and the town she loves. “It’s such a beautiful community, with so much to offer,” she says. Strachan, who moved to Harpswell from Massachusetts in 1998 after a distinguished international career in public… Read more

Nature Notes: Honey bees

Nature Notes: Honey bees

Ed Robinson
May 1, 2015

In an old song titled Lazy Day, there is a phrase, “…Baby, you and me, and the honey bee.” There is a fair amount of truth in that, not only if you love honey, but also if you enjoy flowers and foods that depend upon the exchange of pollen for successful production. By collecting an… Read more

Scourge of the Seaweed on the Devil’s Back

by Jamie Pacheco Spring has arrived here in Southern Maine and most of the snow has melted. In honor of this, Essex and I have started revisiting the slippery and steep, formerly snow-covered trails in Harpswell. On Tuesday afternoon we headed out to give Devil’s Back Trail the once over. This began as a nerve-wracking… Read more

Nature Notes: American Robin

Nature Notes: American Robin

Ed Robinson
April 1, 2015

John Berry photo As I write this article in early March, I sit in my office wearing three layers of clothing, including long underwear. For a few minutes this morning, the sun popped through the clouds and my hopes soared, but the winds soon picked up and the temperature plummeted once again. Yet I know… Read more

Nature Notes: White-Tailed Deer, part two

A mature whitetail buck is a fascinating creature, the subject of a great deal of research, many hours of television programs and millions of printed words in scientific and sporting publications. Much of the focus is upon the headgear a buck develops each year, his antlers or “rack.” The antlers are made of mineral-rich bone,… Read more

“Real, tangible science” in the Classroom

by Kara Douglas From the March 2015 edition of the Harpswell Anchor Nina Beattie turns around in her seat and smiles. “We have 200 class pets,” she proclaims, pointing toward the corner of the classroom. In the front of Megan Philips’s third grade room at Harpswell Community School (HCS) sits what looks like a large… Read more

Nature Notes: White-Tailed Deer, part one

Curt Chipman photo If there is a common mammal more loved and sometimes detested than the white-tailed deer (also referred to as a “whitetail”), I would be surprised. Many of us fell in love with this graceful animal after seeing the classic Walt Disney movie “Bambi,” and have long enjoyed seeing them in parks and… Read more

Nature Notes: The Eastern or Taiga Moose

Mary Robinson photo Maine is blessed with large populations of three iconic creatures that loom large in the imaginations of tourists and locals–lobsters, loons and moose. Around the state, on most summer evenings you will find cars parked near known moose hangouts with folks hoping to spot a moose enjoying a tasty meal of wetland… Read more